Business Coalition of the Mastermind
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"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, inviable intangible force, which may be to a third mind [the mastermind] ". 

​​The​purpose of the group is to be a sounding board for business professionals, so they can achieve success in their business life, a sort of personal "board of directors". "success" is defined by each person in the group for their own self; no two people will have the same definition of success.

​Some objectives of the group include:

  • ​Sharing goals, success stories, and obstacles to achieving success
  • Offering support and encouragement
  • ​Helping members with a common and specific goal
  • ​Mutual growth in an atmosphere of total trust and harmony
  • ​Creating an environment to test new business strategies
  • ​Sharing ideas in a non-competitive confidential environment
  • Members are held accountable for achieving the goals they set
  • ​Offering knowledge and advice, as well as perspective
  • ​Sharing leads
  • ​Brainstorming the pros and cons of business solutions
  • ​Sharing best practices

​     Purpose of the Group