First, it’s important to define the scope of business continuity. A complete program covers the Information Technology systems, and then you’ll need to define the business departmental recovery plans. And administrating the entire process is crisis management. 

All organizations have a fiduciary and moral responsibility to its stakeholders (employees, customers, owners/shareholders, etc.) to develop and maintain a BCM plan, It provides the action steps your team needs to keep business performing at a predefined operational level when a disaster occurs. The best BCM plan functions as a flexible support guide so tasks are not overlooked in the stress of a recovery effort, especially during the initial hours of an event. Also, the plan helps to guide your organization back to “normal operations” in an orderly manner.

As a business continuity professional for over 25 years, I have managed dozens of actual crisis events and I have found that the key to a successful BCM program is to develop a foundational strategy that is based on actual experience and not theory. 
Continuum Business Continuity Management was founded to provide an experienced based business continuity management consulting service to help any size company develop a comprehensive business continuity foundation and provide the tools required to maintain it so it will be ready if needed that does not break the budget.

Business Continuity Planning & Training

So why does your organization need a Business Continuity Management Plan?

Services offered:

  • Business Impact Analysis/Risk Assessment/Audit
  • Crisis/Emergency Management Team & Plan Development
  • Supply Chain Continuity Planning
  • Departmental Recovery Planning   
  • Onsite Business Continuity Training

Training at  your location for your entire team, utilizing guidance from our expert!

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